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Use of caustic soda

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1. Used in the production of papermaking and cellulose pulp;

2. Used in the production of soap, synthetic detergent, synthetic fatty acid and the refining of animal and vegetable oils.

3. Textile printing and dyeing industry is used as desizing agent, cooking agent and mercerizing agent for cotton cloth.

4. Chemical industry is used to produce borax, sodium cyanide, oxalic acid, phenol and so on.

5. The petroleum industry is used to refine petroleum products and to drill mud in oil fields. It is also used for surface treatment of alumina, zinc and copper, glass, enamel, leather, medicine, dyes and pesticides.

6. Food-grade products are used as acid neutralizers in food industry, peeling agents for citrus and peach, detergents for empty bottles and cans, decolorizers and deodorants.

7. It can also be used as an alkaline desiccant. Caustic soda is widely used in the national economy, and many industrial departments need it. The most frequently used sectors of caustic soda are chemical manufacturing, followed by paper, aluminium, tungsten, rayon, rayon and soap manufacturing. In addition, in the production of dyes, plastics, pharmaceuticals and organic intermediates, the regeneration of old rubber, the electrolysis of metal sodium and water, and the production of inorganic salts, borax, chromium salts, manganate, phosphate and so on, a large amount of caustic soda should also be used.